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What are Domains?

Domain names are the web address system for the internet.

You or a company or oganization can be the registered owner of a domain but never actually own it as it is leased to you (potentially forever) whilst you continue to pay your renewal fees to your registrar. There are now over 200,000,0000 domains registered worldwide.

You can have the same name of a domain as somebody else but with a different extention (or tld as it is called) such as or .com or .org or .net or .eu or one of over 200 different tld's (and growing!) e.g. and are totally different and are owned by seperate entities. You can also own/register a hyphenated or plural version of the name, which is often to protect your website brand.

At this site we hope to be able to explain and answer any questions about what domains are, how to get them and use them.

Domain areas covered

What is a Domain
Create a Domain
Catch a Domain
Selling your Domain
Transfering Domains
After aquiring your Domain?
Domain Legal Issues

Should you have any questions about domains not answered, please email us at and we will do our best to anwser your query.